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Good for combating brain fog

Letter Fridge

Love word games and this is no exception Good way to find words not too difficult good way to pass time..


Fun game to play when your bored gets you to thinking.


My only issue is would be nice to have a list of words you’ve already found. Also would love a time round.


i love this game. it's so addicting


This game is really addictive. I love the way it keeps me wanting to go on to the next letters to make words!

Great Game

Great game they should make more levels it’s so addictive. Keep up this great game I’ll be telling all my friends to play this game

iPhone 8+

Play without having use up limited “life” or time, so I really love this game!!! Awesome just to past the time away.

Fun Game

I can't stop playing 😁

Very fun! Hard to put down!

This is a very fun game that you can easily lose track of time with. Nice!

Very nice!


Fun but, double interstitial ads ruin it

This is a fun game but, the two interstitial ads between levels ruin it. I had to close out two full screen ads between every level. The first ad was frequently delayed so that when you go to play, the screen flipped to the ad. It seems like a money grab. I’m surprised Apple allows this.

Refrigerator game

Lots of fun to play. You really have to think on this game.

Mute option?

I love killing time finding words, but i don’t see any place to adjust settings... like Mute. I prefer to listen to audio books while whiling away the hours. If I’m overlooking it, I’d love to know.

Found Through An Ad

I don’t normally like having my games interrupted by ads, but that’s how I found this game. I had a real set of magnetic letters when I was younger, though more often than not Mom had me see how many words I could make from certain words we saw on signs when we went out. I only gave four stars for the ad interruptions and the in-app purchases (the original refrigerator kind of betrays my age). Otherwise it’s a good game.


This game is very good I love it

Relaxing and Original

What an fun and unique word game!! I’m almost 40 and it’s still fun to move around the little letter magnets. It’s simple and straight forward. Nothing out of this world - but a solid adorable brain game.


I recommend downloading this

Mind boggling Game

Fantastic game. I will give it a perfect 10😊


Nice very very nice fun cool super awesome amazing fun fun super fun

iPhone “X”

Please update the game to fit the iPhone “X” screen. The blank space is very annoying. Thank You!

Marwa Muhammed

Çok güzel olmuş bu oyun bu nu apan kişi çok zekice apmış tebrikler ederim😁😁😁

Really fun w/ great physics!

I love how the letters move around and that I can fling them. The shopping list motif is cute and it’s a really great way to kill some time without killing my battery. My one complaint is that there are words that it won’t allow you to make. “Fed” in one level and “chive” in another. But “redox” is a word in another level and that’s only a term used in chemistry (I had to look it up!) But overall a great game that I’ve gotten my wife addicted to as well!


Fab App

Just my opinion

Why doesn’t it show the words you already solved? I think that would be very helpful...


Too many normal words missing while BS words are common

It’s Great

It’s a very exciting game that keeps you on your toes

black screen

why does the game go away and the screen turn black...is there some technical problem with the game? all my other games are just fine..... please fix soon.....I really like this game... thanks, Diana

Neat Game

I really enjoy this game. It's a great way to pass the time.

Brain Fun

I love a game where my brain gets a good workout!

Love game...however

It is a bit frustrating when it doesn’t recognize words - two that I can think of off hand — sox and dork. These are both words in standard dictionary and should be recognized here.

Nice find word game

The feel of playing is nice and not agonizing like the other ones I’ve tried. I like that you get your own little space and can just relax and find words. There’s even a photo frame which can be a photo of your choice for extra personalization. This offers fun relaxing word search, anytime!


Love word games


Love this game. Thank you.

Cute Game

I love the sound effects and the animations and controls really feel like you’re sliding letters around on a fridge. The only recommendation I would give is to have a list of words you’ve already found. It’s difficult to continue where you’ve left off if you take a break in the middle of a level. (Also, there seem to be some words that are acceptable in scrabble/words with friends that are not accepted in this game.)

Fun but need to update

This game is really a great way to kill time. Wish they would update their dictionary. Many words that are actual words are not recognized and it’s frustrating. Will update to 5 stars once dictionary is updated 🙏🏼

Nice update to classic word puzzle games

The November 16 update did the trick and the game now plays on my iPad 3. It is a very entertaining version of the classic word game where you are given a set number of letters (in this case fridge magnets; a very cute idea) and you must come up with a set number of words of three letters or more (with a bonus for any word five letters long). One idea for a future update; maybe as you progress you might be invited to change more than just the color of the fridge or the photo above the fridge; maybe additional fridge magnets to decorate your fridge? Even without such an update, so far it is a lot of fun and I can see me playing this one for quite awhile.

So cool !!!!!

I just love this game

Love it

It helps my kids do better at math but sometimes it has glitches

Fun and cute!

Love this game! Simple yet fun, the colors and 50’s theme just put you in a happy mood!

Just plain fun!❤️

Love it!

Dictionary is awful

Whatever dictionary the app uses is awful and very limited. For example, “bod” and “doc” do not count but “pro” does.



Update: STILL won't let me play

So, a little update on my last review: I appreciate that you updated it to kind of fix the problem. The only downside is, with that update, it did not fix the problem I addressed in the beginning of my last update. I understand that you may have your hands full, but maybe another update might fix the problem a second time? Please? 🙏🏻


Cool game fun to play a game for the whole family 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

Super Duper!

Love it - except my friends on Android can’t play along!


I love these types of apps but with most of them, such as Word Cookies and Word connect, there are only certain words that work. With this app, rather than get just a bonus for certain words, they all work!!! Also, there are barely any adds, and i have never had any performance issues on It. Another thing i love is that if you can’t find any more words and take a break, you get a notification with a word you haven’t found yet!!!! What an amazing app!!!!!!!!!!!

Fun fun fun

Great way to pass time!


Super fun!

Fun game

Fun game

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