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Keep Those Brain Cells “poppin”!

What a fun way to keep those brain cells alert!

Great game. Needs more levels!

Love the concept and mechanics of this game. Apparently too much, as I’ve reached the end. Hope more levels will be added. Until then, looks like the app will continually remind me of a word I could have played in the last level and let me do the daily spin for coins.

Fridge word

Love this


bagel? regime? tarp? tom? nacho? moo? roomed? erg? tam? toker? kempt? temp? pom? sext? lube? beaut? lat? cad? nope? ump? zit? zits? tike? tikes? joe? zen? pars? haver?

Update 7.0

After playing the newer version for a while really ended up enjoying it. Took some getting used to but you guys have done an awesome job with the game.

I love this game

I like doing word puzzles


Great word game. Lots of fun to play. I’m not a fan of portrait only. Can I get landscape??

Fantastic game, long as I stay awake

I’ve gotten over my distaste for the update and continue to play. But there is one thing I notice and it’s always been a problem since I got this app. I would play it in bed, fall asleep playing it, and wake up to find my phone hot and on critical battery because THE SCREEN NEVER TURNED OFF ON ITS OWN while I slept! It’s not a problem with my phone that I’m aware of, it’s just this app that does it. Somehow this game is able to override my phone’s lockout time and keep the screen running indefinitely. Would appreciate a fix. Thanks

battery use?

the app is fun, but for some reason seems to burn battery at a faster rate than any (of 50+) apps on my ipad (even video streaming!). hope developers can take a look at that.

Fridge words

Very intriguing game.

Love this idea

I love the concept of this game. It really feels like the fridge when you arrange the letters. It costs too much to buy a hint. That’s irritating. Other than that, it’s awesome. There needs to be more ways to earn coins to buy hints.

Need more levels!

I am addicted to this game and have finished it. I need more!

Letter Frig

It is a good way to relax and is stimulating at same time. A lot of fun!

My coins

I bought coins for letter fridge and they did not show up? How can I get them after paying for them?

Love This!

This game was sweet from the beginning. Now it’s even better. Best of both worlds — unscramble letters to make words AND fill in the “crossword”. Oh, and a “third” world — moving letters around on a fridge like I had my own kids do! So relaxing and I get to do what I love — think about WORDS. Keep it up!

Beat the game... that’s it?

I finished the final item (chocolate), and now the game just says ‘shopping list / game over!’ I still have credits left in the game, so do I get that money back? What now??

Where are my coins

Received special offer for 1000 coins plus remove adds for $2.99. Paid the $$ but did not get any coins added to my bank! Rip-off!!! Not cool!!!

Loved the game, but needs more levels

I was addicted to this game until I leveled out 😢 When will more levels be added? I only gave 4 stars since you only had 50 levels. No other word games compare to this one. I ended up deleting and reinstalling to start over.

Not credited with coins

I just purchased 1000 coins for $2.99 from a pop up offer, but they were never credited to my balance. Must be a glitch that needs correcting or you will have a mass exodus of users! I really enjoy passing time with this game but may have to give it up!


So much so that i purchased both add-ons. Addictive. So why not, right. You’re probably married and that’s not even addictive. It’s legal harassment.

Great Game

Nice, challenging and entertaining game, excellent way to learn English as a second language.

Pearls and mops

Great game to keep us housewives barefoot, pregnant, and in the kitchen. I love moving magnets on my fridge right next to my shopping list and laundry chores!!! Today I did these words: Laundry Iron Mop Scrub Vibrator Wine Soap opera Washboard Cook Xanax Very nice Developer response. I love it.


Love this game


Fifty or more points for a one-letter hint but few points given with each game. Not fun unless you keep paying for more points.


Issues with the word “ore” it give the green arrow that it’s accepted as a word but doesn’t include it on the puzzle, so I can’t advance the level with this word not there??

Good, but those words!

When I stop playing it will be because sometimes it won’t accept a real word and sometimes I’m not sure that the word it wants is a real word. Some of them are abbreviations.

Fun but...

I really enjoy this game because of the unique art style and the fact that the words aren’t your average run of the mill selection. However, I wish the game had a built in dictionary so that after you discover a word you could tap on it and find out what it means. When I find a word like ‘pretor’ it’s only because I understand the possible word structures available to me. If I could then learn what it means I’m more likely to remember it later and enjoy coming back because I’m actually learning. Otherwise great game!


Great job. Such a fun way to relax. What is the cost to I get rid of the ads?

Great game!

I’m addicted to this game. I play it all the time; you can play for 30 seconds or 30 minutes. I love to play with my girlfriend too, especially when I’m stumped!

Beautiful game and so unique

Bitmango’s word games are really fun but this is a really unique twist! I love the new freedom and how they stick together the letter... ❤️👍🏻


I was playing a round, and ironically the same word which was “word” was put twice in one round. I had already got “word” and then I was on the last one, and it was ( W O _ D) And there was only an s, and I tried R and S which were the only two letters left, and neither worked. Which doesn’t make sense m because one of them should have. I had to watch ads to get coins to spend on a hint I didn’t need. And of course, the hint put an R there which I ALREADY TRIED! And that i would say Is scamming. I’m highly upset about this.

I USED to love this app

That was until they started charging 50 coins for a hint, no option to watch ads to earn corns and then shuffled the words so there’s no help online either! It forces you to buy coins to complete a level. I hate it now! I’m really sad! I loved this app!

Letter Fridge

Love this game.

You don’t...

Use the word ‘pee’ but you use the word ‘rape’? I really enjoyed this game till I saw that.

Bring it back

I absolutely loved this game.. but now that it’s a crossword.. and hint price has gone up.. I don’t really like it now.. it doesn’t have the same charm as it used to.. please bring back the old letter fridge.. I love this app and don’t want to have to delete it, but it’s not as fun anymore 😢😥

Dislike this new version

Good news won’t spend more money on this game. Adding a crossword is overkill

Cute and fun little word game

The developers frequently update with nice improvements. Sometimes the dictionary does not recognize words that it should, but this doesn’t really matter much since you are only expected to find the ones that it does recognize anyhow. All in all this is a keeper that I find myself playing more than I should.

Horrible since update

I HATE the new design and worse yet the puzzle I was working on before the redesign deleted ALL the words I had (!) and the level the game put me on keeps wiping/deleting EVERY word I input ( yes starting me out from scratch every time I open the app)! Not worth playing anymore!


Cool game fun to play a game for the whole family 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 love my new kitchen I like this layout better easier to find words makes it more interesting Thank you for making it a better game


Whole new game! If you haven’t noticed yet you can up your score with words not in the crossword! No timers! Much fun shoving the little magnets around. The valid word list is hard to figure out; lots of perfectly good words not on it. A list of words already submitted would get you another star. I do wish devs would just offer trials and then ask you to buy up front after a set number of levels or set time. I dislike the “buy hints” business model. Usually I just delete such games, but this one is not obnoxious about it, and the game itself is very charming.

I don't get it

Not all the words go to the crossword puzzle ? At least 10 or more. Then what?',and the list is gone to see what words you made? Also, there's no number so you know how many you have to get. No explanation of how to play!

Letter Fridge

I have loved this game since it first came out. Thank you and I really love the new crossword style. 🤗

Love the update

Already love the new update. I like seeing the crossword on the fridge.

Love this word game. “Just right“ when it comes to the words

I am glad that gotgame. I was the generation of “see it say “ it. Spelling has never been a strong point for me. It has always been a struggle and will always be a struggle. But with this game I am able to do much better than the other games that I have been playing. I love the colors and how they do it. Thank you very much to the developers in how they have designed this game. For “being a not so good speller“ I do very well on this game.

Some flaws - I.e., valid words rejected, freezes

I wish the developers would use a better dictionary to validate words. I play this game a lot despite the annoying flaws. You get 7 letters. Try to arrange the letters into a pre-set number of words, ( 10 to 25 words per hand). The developer limits what words are acceptable for each round. Sometimes common abbreviations are accepted as words (bro, pro, ref) while others don't. At times, plurals or tenses work but not consistently (seems random). Sometimes you get a Q, but no U... so you cannot use the letter. You earn coins (hints) by making longer words and winning levels. Or, you buy coins with in app purchases or by watching ads (even if you paid for the "ad free version). You can only watch two ads for coins. Then you have to wait or -quit the app and reopen- to refresh that option. Ads may last 30+ seconds. Coins are used to reveal a letter when you are stuck. Play -usually- becomes more difficult as you need to make more words with the 7 letters. Sometimes, the difficulty rolls back, which seems like a bug. One time, I lost my some of my progress and coins. The developer sent me a link to fix it, but the link did not work. Many valid words are not allowed while some sketchy ones are accepted. The developers invite users to submit "new" words. I assume that's where some really obscure niche words sneak in when many common words are disallowed. Yah, this needs the dictionary update for sure!

Fun and makes you think

Great combination...Fun and think8ng!

In a word...

Lovely. It’s just like being a kid and sticking letters together to see if you can make words. I like the way the letters click in place. My favorite feature is the crossword-esque hint you get for the first word of each set. I like that it is challenging but doesn’t stress you out with time limits and points and stuff. But I’m starting to grow weary on the app because the rising levels seem no more difficult than the first. I love words. I want bigger, more profound words. I want fat, voluptuous letters pregnant with meaning. We seem to have hit the max at six letters. I mean no disrespect for the little words. They’re important. But I wish you’d throw out a whole mess of letters—even some quixotic Xs and Qs—and see how many letters we can stuff into a word. In fact, if you consider the adventure of big words, it would be really impressive to have a way to look up the meaning of words we happen to discover. Yes, I'm that much of a nerd. Please consider longer words. It is a lovely game. (6 letters.) Why not make it exquisite? (9 letters, just saying.)

Offensive ads

I play just about everyday and purchased products. However one company substitutes products, two companies take forever to deliver and now offensive drug ads. Enough.


Great game to pass some time when needed. Been playing for a couple of weeks now and very happy with the app, never any glitches so far. Very happy and highly recommend this fun stress free game😊

Thumbs down

Couldn't load game

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