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Stress-free word game

This game has no time limits— just play at your own pace. It gets challenging after several levels once all the words are 4+ letter words only. Highly recommend this game!

They lied

The new version was supposed to feature bugs fixes and the developer even claims they “listened to us” by adding features. What they didn’t say is the new version pushes annoying pop up ads that you some times have to click twice to get rid of. Hint: buying your stupid coins isn’t a “great deal!” when I can google the answer for free. How stupid do you think we are?

Loved it!

I finished the entire game today! Had a great time over the months. Was a bit disappointed with the ending. Just says “Game Over.” No fireworks or congratulations after the long time investment. Kind of a let down there. But the game itself is a great way to kill some time.

Needs improvements

This game gets really boring and you get stuck on the same level even if it’s the bonus word you can’t figure out. I paid for it and wish I wldnt have because you still have to watch advertisements. Sorry but I don’t recommend this game been stuck on the same puzzle for over 2 weeks and the only way to advance is if I was to purchase coins. Like I said, I don’t recommend this game.

Watch out

the remove ads feature is deceptive af Update i’m not talking about extra coins, i’m talking about trying to exit out and you taking advantage of apple pay to remove ads

Fun and clever

I love moving letters on the refrigerator. The music and praise are uplifting . Thanks for this clever stress reliever.

Retro fun

Very enjoyable and challenging enough.


It is good game 😍i love it👀

Relaxing and fun

Simple, relaxing and fun word game. There’s no time limit, so there’s no stress.

Doesn’t recognize many words

Really enjoy this app except for two things: first, it doesn’t recognize a lot of familiar words, which is very frustrating. Please expand your dictionary! Second, the same set of letters is used too often.

Great game

I love word games and this one is very good.

So addicting, but..

I’ve been spending a lot of time on this app! It’s great! I love the crossword puzzle at the top to help guide you, it’s a great addition (I remember playing at a time where it didn’t have it yet). There’s just one thing- with bonus words- you only get ONE coin for them. Even if they’re 5 or 6 letters. That’s so extremely annoying, since hints are like 70 coins alone. Like what is one coin for a bonus word supposed to do? Why don’t you offer like 5 for a three or four letter bonus word, and 10 for a 5 or 6 letter bonus word. I’m really not being greedy to ask this, like c’mon. I would totally give 5 stars if you add this in. Also add some other ways to get coins rather than ads & in-app purchases. Like perhaps quests?

Great time passer and it can keep your skills up :)

The only thing I would suggest that would make this already really really fun game just a bit better and even harder to put down lol would be more question solving to go along with solving the word. When a new “puzzle” first opens you are given a “clue” as to what a word within the puzzle is and you receive bonus points for solving that word (very much like a crossword puzzle) and then with the added twist of a word scramble. If given the option to have every word in the puzzle have a clue to go along with it I would Jump on that and spend even more than the $1.99 that I paid for the ad free version of this game! Thank You for making such a fun and addicting word game!

Pretty fun, low vocabulary

Seems to be missing a lot of words that should at least count as bonus words. In the last round for example, just had the letters B, A, D, E, G, and L but it wouldn’t register BAGEL as a word for credit. Hmmm. Also the sales pitches are passive aggressive. “I don’t want to support Letter Fridge.” Ha! Anyway, fun generally fun simple game. Wish it was a tiny bit less elementary is all.


Fun fun fun oh did I tell you this is FUN!!!

Lots of fun

Played a number of games and have had a lot of fun. No problems that I've run into. Definitely recommend.

Love it

This game is so fun. My niece who is six loves it and I enjoy it myself.

Don’t bother purchasing “no ads”

I paid $1.99 to get no ads. Yet still a sticker on my fridge constantly appears saying, “Watch this ad for more coins.” Waste of money. Very distracting, and now I’ve blown $2 for a game I won’t play. Buyer beware.

Love it!

Very addicting.


......for me is I have arthritis and fibromyalgia and this is harder than just swiping.😧 not really your problem.

Good, but could be better

There are many common words this app fails to recognize. It was enjoyable but now it’s becoming boring just identifying three letter words. What dictionary are you using, because it’s pathetic how many times I find a legitimate word that is not allowable.

Fun app; ads are too obnoxious

I like idea of this game but the full screen ads are too obnoxious.


Love the game. Hate the adds

The game

I enjoy this game very much..... keeps my mind busy and sharp.... helps me to relax...

Beware Purchase Trap

I’m used to games pop up ads for purchases related to the game itself. But this is the first time ever that I repeatedly said no, even when at one point I had to “uncheck” a box to bypass a purchase I didn’t want - and it still somehow popped up that I had bought it anyway. Do not play this game and be duped into an unwanted purchase!

Fun until.....

I was really enjoying this game....and will continue, but very disappointed when I could not get a word at the end. Should not have been hard....except it turned out the word was ased. That is not a word! And I had to waste 3 hints. The word came in fast and the game ended. Hope it doesn’t happen again. I will just get another app.

no ads? bs!

even after paying to get rid of ads, you still constantly get their own full screen ad prompting you to buy hint coins (even when i have lots of coins already). it is really annoying folks! you did not keep your promise!


Tfw you write a word (I was trying to use "dais" on some cabbage level) and it doesn't appear or even give it to you as a bonus word 😩 Fun game tho


Finished the grocery bag! Couldn't believe the game ended. Totally addicted. Thanks for the fun



Really Fun and nostalgic

It brings back memories of me teaching my son words with the magnetic letter on our fridge. Really like being able to arrange the letters and try to make new words for the bonus points.

2 Devices!

I play on phone AND iPad ℅ It’s just that much fun!

Lots of FUN!

Easy and a great way to pass the time! Fun

Always loved magnetic letters as a kid

So it’s no surprise that I’m addicted to this game!

Great game

Very addictive. I played until I finished. I wonder if it is possible to have an edition for kids maybe 8 to 10. My grandkids like to play but some of the words are not in their vocabulary.

Fridge word

This game is really a lot of fun and at times you really have to make your brain work hard. Absolutely one of the best word games I have played. I only get a bit stressed at times.

Good game, bad coding

I’m enjoying the game so far; it hasn’t gotten really hard yet, but I can see it’s heading there. It’s great for a brain wake-up just doing a few levels. HOWEVER, two stars get taken off because when my phone is on silent, I expect it to STAY SILENT, not for half the ads to start blaring music at me. That part is really unacceptable.

Please launch Korean appstore..

I like this apps. please launch at Korean store


Love this game. I tried everything to get it to unfreeze and no success. I did the latest update and my iPad has the latest update. Any more suggestions ? Thanks

Fascinating game

Love everything about this app

Fairly entertaining but getting monotonous.

It’s pretty much the same words over and over. Inconsistent in the words accepted. Tech is a word but tach is not. Also someone needs to check a dictionary before they “Hale” a taxi. Still better than a lot of word games out there.

Free hints?

What happened to the free hints?

Word Fridge

This is such a fun game, and I enjoy it very much. I would recommend it to anyone who loves word games.

Game Over

Loved this game- I cleared through all the levels and got a Game Over at the end- what’s next?

Like new version

I enjoyed playing this game before the crossword form. But I really like this newer version so much better!! I was even willing to spend money to buy points so I could get hints when needed. Unfortunately, after just spending $9.99 and only using a couple of them, the game was over!! I didn’t pay close enough attention I guess, but unless new levels are added, I’m out my money. So be aware where you are in the game if you plan to buy points.

Many words missing from dictionary

The only significant problem with the game is that a huge number of perfectly valid words are not in the dictionary. This is quite a problem for a word game. Developers might want to include a button for “I’m sure this is a valid word.” Words that show up many times & are valid could get added to the dictionary, eventually increasing customer satisfaction. The bonus coin for words not on the board ought to increase when longer bonus words are found, and when the player finds a larger number of bonus words (perhaps 10 or more). I have built up thousands of coins but the game keeps trying to sell me coins. That is irritating. Just stop it. If you must put in ads in the paid version (very tacky) don’t make them for exactly the same thing I just said no to. When a player completes a round in a fast time, splash the screen with something fun.

Letter fridge

Not boring.....also.....very challenging....it keeps my brain working....Thanks.....

Good game

This is one of the best I've found. It's not full of annoying ads like some. Not too hard; not too easy.

Great game. Needs more levels!

Love the concept and mechanics of this game. Apparently too much, as I’ve reached the end. Hope more levels will be added! (Until then, looks like the app will continually remind me of a word I could have played in the last level and let me do the daily spin for coins.)

Fridge word

Love this

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